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Welcome to the home of colours.....

Ideas, creativity, individual design can make quite a difference in your life!

You would like to have something special, unique, that only you have, noone else? You have a great idea, but don't know how to work it out?


In the field of painting, airbrushing, graphics - and the one or other related topic- I can most probably come up with a solution!

This homepage is not supposed to be a list of what you can order, but much more help you to come up with your own ideas, and show how I can help working them out. It is supposed to show, what is possible.

I'm always open for new projects, so far there has always been a way how to make ideas come real.


The idea is too crazy, or you're afraid it might get to expensive?!  

 Just ask, just for information!

And never forget:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, und taste is not to be discussed.... :)


Have fun looking through this web-page!


Some of the pictures are from "pre-digital" times, and I can paint better than I photograph, so please ecxuse the quality of some of the pics  :) 


For native speakers: I'm always thankful for hints about "funny" language!


ARTige Grüße

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